Lucky Monkey Tattoo New Covid 19 Shop Update 

We are Postponing Reopening Our Shop - Here's Why

We value the health and safety of our clients, artists and community. We also understand you have patiently been waiting to get tattooed. Whether you were already scheduled during the shutdown, waiting for a touch up, or you're just anxious to get new ink - we get it.


Please be patient with us as we implement new shop protocols and safety measures including creating electronic release forms and aftercare that you will receive on your cell phones, installing touch-less hand sanitizing stations, touch-less faucets and automatic paper towel dispensers throughout the shop, and researching the use of UVC technology for our furnace/AC system. 

Additionally, our staff is currently researching PPE that will not only protect our clients, and themselves - but also allow our artists to tattoo effectively. Many of these supplies are hard to come by, and expensive.  We are also conducting training specifically in Covid 19 Tattoo Precautions via Kris Lachance's (Tattoo Health Educator) extensive research.

For these reasons, we have decided to delay opening the shop until Mid or Late July.  We will announce our reopening date here, on Instagram, Facebook and Google. Once we do that - our staff will reach out to rebook clients who were previously booked for appointments, and then - where possible, consider new appointments from those who have contacted us via email or social media.

Thank you for your patience and support during these very challenging times.

Dana Forrester & James Trunko

Owners, Lucky Monkey Tattoo

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