Lucky Monkey welcomes Ashley Miller to our shop for Microblading services. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique used to create the illusion of fuller eyebrows.  Microblading lasts between 1 - 3 years. 


Book your appointment or free consultation with Ashley at ashleymbrows@gmail.com or call/text 810-360-3167 

Prices + Services

Microblading - $400

Same day consultation, facial mapping + full procedure 


Blade & Shade - $450 

Microblading + Microshading

Helps create density for sparser brows


Touch Up (4-8 weeks)- $100

“Perfection Session”

Add $50 for shading. 

This is your follow up to build density & correct any imperfections during the healing process. Highly recommended to achieve desired results. Existing clients only 


Touch Up (After 8 weeks) - $150

Mainly for clients that missed their follow up. Existing clients only


Annual Touch Up (1-2 years) $225*

Add $50 for shading. 

Your yearly visit to give your brows a fuller refreshed look. 

After 2 years from initial procedure - First session pricing. 

*Touch ups are for existing clientele only. If you have had previous work done by another artist please contact Ashley directly with a clear photo of your eyebrows.  

Client Testimonials

“I love my new look! I have been drawing in my eyebrows for as long as I can remember and have spent countless hours and money on eyebrow pencils and gels. When Ashley first told me about her new career I was skeptical.  I made the mistake of googling micro blading and naturally freaked myself out! After 3 months of contemplating the procedure- and many of questions sent to Ashley; I can’t believe I waited so long! She is patient, kind, and extremely talented.  If you’re thinking about it, or have any doubts; hit her up-you will have no regrets!" 

   - Charlotte


“My experience with Ashley was professional right from the very beginning. I loved being able to view her previous work, making it easy to select the style and shape I wanted for myself. I felt my consultation with her was very thorough, and I felt that she did a wonderful job making sure I understood all the aspects of the procedure, and that she fully understood what I was asking for. Throughout the process, she was very attentive as far as my comfort went, and that was much appreciated. Never once did I feel she was rushing the service, and I felt very comfortable and confident in everything. The area and tools used were all very sterile, and professional as well. Her work was better than I ever imagined it to be, and I’m am absolutely a happy customer! My healing process has been amazing, and I credit much of that to her thorough after care instructions. I’ll be a customer for life!"

“I had been wanting to get my brows microbladed for some time since I have faint blonde brows. The first appointment Ashley took her time and carefully mapped the outline of my new brows and made sure it was what I wanted before she started. She asked throughout the process if I felt any pain and gave me more numbing cream when I did towards the end. The healing and aftercare process was easy and I barely felt any discomfort. At my touch up appointment she filled in the front and arch areas of my brows that healed a bit lighter and needed more strokes. I am so happy with the results! They look natural and the color she picked was perfect. I don’t even need to fill my brows in anymore."


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